Rose Hill Elementary Information


What are the school hours?

  • Preschool morning session:  8:35  – 11:3
  • Preschool afternoon session: 12:20  – 3:2
  • Full day kindergarten – fifth grade:  8:30 – 3:15


When should kids arrive?

  • Kids are welcome to play outside after 8:15, when supervision begins. Students should not be on the playground before 8:15 as the school cannot assume liability prior to the time supervision begins. For their safety and security, please do not send them before this time. If kids are consistently too early, parents or emergency contacts will be called to pick them up.
  • At 8:25 the first bell rings and all students should enter through their outside classroom door, including preschool parents needing to sign in.
  • At 8:30 the bell rings for classes to begin. 


What if kids are tardy?

  • If students arrive after 8:30 they should report directly to the Attendance Office, room M-8 or call attendance directly at 303-853-5993.


When are kids dismissed?

  • At 3:15 the dismissal bell rings and kids will exit through the hallway door in their classrooms and proceed to the front doors.  Children are encouraged to go directly home as there will be no supervision on school grounds after 3:30. Students will not be kept after school for more than ten minutes unless a parent has been notified or prior arrangements have been made for an after-school activity.